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New Look for the New Year

Hi everyone. I’ve had a little spare time on my hands like many of you during this challenging year.  Dinking around on the computer, I thought I’d play around to see if I could tweak my site (yet again) and address requests I’ve had asking for larger previews.  After a number of iterations I realized that I would begrudgingly have to forego my tried and true method and experiment approaching it from another angle.  Lo and behold, I found a process and began redesigning and building the look and flow of my 18 (to date) photo gallery collection pages.

Of course, when I accomplished that I realized that it would be pretty neat to also present the individual images in a lighter, perky manner that still provided the viewer with titles and taxonomic names (where appropriate).  So off I went (virtually) and decided on a design/mechanism that had dynamic filters and operated like a slideshow.  Sorting within a collection can now be sorted on the fly with a subtle bit of animation which I thought was fun and cool!

Well, having wrapped that project up another one came to mind.  I should redesign my Home page.  You know, make it more visually appealing, functionally slicker and smoother … and so I went to work.  It took me longer that it should have because I did a LOT of inserting functions, deleting functions to see how the functions functioned (sorry about that, I had too much coffee) and how they could be of use to my site and beneficial to you the viewer.  The new home page (pix above) and the new photo gallery collection pages (sample pix below) are what I came up with.  I hope you all enjoy experiencing my photography in this new way.


(You’ll find that your bookmarks will need to be updated. Not all of them, just the ones linking to gallery collections and images.  I hope you’ll find the new experience worth it.) – Deb


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