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Category : Cool Info

Striped Skunk Family

I was tickled to be able to witness this momma Striped Skunk (sp. Mephitis mephitis) as she led her five cute little kits on an adventure. Most likely born sometime in May or perhaps the end of April, having opened their eyes for the first time when they were three weeks old, these kits have been learning life’s lessons and the skills they’ll need from their mother. Of course, the art of effective spraying is partly learned, they are able […]

American Pika

One of my favorite little critters is the American Pika (sp. Ochotona princeps). These small yet robust, hard working, unbearably cute little fur balls have fascinated me for years. Unfortunately, they are not found in my region of the country so when I found myself in the high mountains of Colorado, I just HAD to go to looking for them. Typically, American Pika make their home at elevations above tree line. Where’s that? In this case, it was between 11,000 […]

Adopt A Pet, Please

By Utah (the dog, not the state) Tappan “Hi everyone! My name is Utah. I’m Deb’s “littlest peanut” and all around dog pal! We’re strong proponents of pet adoption from area shelters and rescues and equally strong opponents to “puppy mills” and the like. Was I adopted? You betcha! But did you know that nationally fewer than 50% of the animals in shelters find homes and that the fate of the others is, sadly, euthanasia? That’s why I’m writing this […]

Species Tally Update: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

by Deb Tappan UPDATED May 27, 2022: As of May 27, 2022, within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (a UNESCO-MAB World Heritage Site), the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory has identified 1049 species “new to science” and 10626 species “new to the park”. In total to date, there are 21346 species known to exist within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with an additional 10’s of thousands yet to be discovered. Prior to the efforts of the ATBI, only 9666 […]