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Strutting Bull Elk - (Great Smoky Mountains NP)

Wildlife Photography: Part 2 … Tips to Get You Started

Exploring wilderness areas and viewing wildlife in all its varied forms is a thrilling experience. You have the opportunity to witness the intricacies of our natural environment and the interplay of species and habitats. What a delight! To capture any of it photographically is a special treat. No need to ask why I do it; […]

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Dall Sheep (ram) - (Denali NP&P)

Wildlife Photography Ethics: The Issue of Baiting Wildlife

The idea of using attractants, known as baiting, to photograph wildlife is a controversial one. Baiting wild animals is dangerous for both the photographer and animal. There are those who choose to bait but with that approach comes great responsibility. At the very least, you are training wild animals to disregard their natural protective instincts […]

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Moose Cow Feeding in a Pond (view 2) - (Yellowstone NP)

Wildlife Photography Part 1 – Code of Ethics

Whether you’re out hiking in the backcountry or sightseeing from your car, having a chance encounter with wildlife is a magnificent and treasured moment. Watching little elk calves speed running zigzag among the herd or glimpsing a bear munching on glacier lilies are sights that captivate and inspire us all. – Deb For many however, […]

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