Photo of Deb Tappan in Colorado

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Hello there and welcome to my site of natural history and conservation photography! Invariably the uniqueness and beauty of wild lands always manage to move me. Presented on this website is a sample of images from destinations throughout the United States and Canada in which I’ve hiked and photographed. My images represent the spirit of our national parks and protected lands and are meant to remind us of the unsurpassed beauty of our natural world and the ever present need to preserve what remains. I invite you to browse the following pages … and to enjoy! New images in addition to those currently featured in the ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY will be added routinely as this is a dynamic, ongoing project. So, check back from time to time. You might find something new. Media professionals interested in images for illustrating books and journals will find the STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY INQUIRY FORM helpful. For those of you wishing to purchase prints or other items, our GIFT SHOP is always open. You can also order prints and notecards directly through the ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY. (And, a percentage of all proceeds from both Gift Shop and Online Photo Gallery purchases is donated to organizations which protect wildlife and wild places.) If you’d like further information, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Simply contact me using the form found here. Finally, please respect and protect the lands you love. Support environmental organizations dedicated to preserving that which is wild. It’s your support that makes a difference. Act locally. Act globally.

Photo of Deb in Nevada by her Dad, Bill Siminski

Thanks for visiting! – Deb Tappan


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