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AND NOW FOR THE FINE PRINT: Please note that all photographic images and textual content contained herein are copyright protected Copyright © Deborah Siminski Tappan. All rights reserved worldwide. No reproduction rights of any kind are granted for any purpose including downloading or printing without the expressed written permission of Deborah Siminski Tappan and payment of a fee where applicable as determined by type of use. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, manipulating, or storing of any image or any portion thereof is a violation of the United States and International copyright laws, unethical, rude, and punishable by a fine.

If you wish to purchase a signed print personally produced by the photographer, Deb Tappan, please visit our online Gallery or Gift Shop.

IMAGES BY D. S. TAPPAN offers “rights managed licenses”. For more information regarding licensing or to obtain permission for use of images or textual content, please contact: info {at} dstappan.com

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