Photo of Deb Tappan in Colorado

Welcome World (to my blog)

Hello there and welcome to my site of natural history and conservation photography! Invariably the uniqueness and beauty of wild lands always manage to move me. Presented on this website is a sample of images from destinations throughout the United States and Canada in which I’ve hiked and photographed. My images represent the spirit of […]

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Little Black Bear Cub with a Dandelion

Please Help Stop Brutal “Bear Baying” in South Carolina

Outlawed in all states but South Carolina, “bear baying” also known as “bear tethering” or “bear baiting” (the act of using dogs to attack de-clawed, de-toothed and chained defenseless bears) is horrible and grossly inhumane. Please go to the site below to learn more and to sign the petition seeking the outlawing of this abuse […]

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Moose Cow Feeding in a Pond (view 2) - (Yellowstone NP)

Wildlife Photography Part 1 – Code of Ethics

Whether you’re out hiking in the backcountry or sightseeing from your car, having a chance encounter with wildlife is a magnificent and treasured moment. Watching little elk calves speed running zigzag among the herd or glimpsing a bear munching on glacier lilies are sights that captivate and inspire us all. – Deb For many however, […]

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