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Photography is an art

It's about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

- Elliot Erwitt

Welcome to my site of natural history and conservation photography.  Invariably the uniqueness and beauty of wild lands always manage to move me.  I'm awestruck by their diversity of texture and essence.  Therefore, it brings me great joy to share those sights photographically and to nurture a sense of wonder of and devotion for their protection and preservation.  I invite you to browse these pages and enjoy your exploration. - Deb

Visit Deb's Photo Gallery

Within my online gallery you'll find a variety of themed image collections categorized by subject or region.  I've compiled these portfolios from among the photographs I've taken while wandering and hiking throughout the non-contiguous United States and Canada.  New images will continue to be added so check back often.  In the meanwhile, spend some time in your favorite place.  Don't forget, all images are available for purchase and are copyright protected (see terms for use).

- Enjoy, Deb

Ethical Field Practices

Applying ecologically sensitive, responsible field practices are of utmost importance to Deb.  She is a proponent of her "Wildlife/Nature Photography and Viewing Code of Ethics" as well as "Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics".

Inspiring Quote

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.
— Albert Einstein

Wildlife Images

No wildlife image is of a captive, zoo or game farm animal, nor under any type of human control.  All wildlife were photographed by Deb in the wild in situ.

You'll find her wildlife images in specific collections such as "Fauna - Wildlife Moments", "Mini-Critters" and "Avian - Of Beaks and Bills".  You'll also find them throughout the collections sorted by geographical region.  Have fun exploring!

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About Deb

Deb Tappan’s objective is to photograph nature in a manner which advances our appreciation and understanding of its intricacies.  “Nature is filled with diverse and astonishing features. To misrepresent the subject would be detrimental to our understanding of it.”

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