Super Blood Wolf Moon - January 21, 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse January 20/21, 2019

As Sunday evening progressed, the clouds continued to form and hid the moon. The temperatures dropped and, brrrrrr, I froze as I sat waiting in hopes of catching a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. Then, it happened!  Very late in the night, the cloud cover starting breaking up. I could see small patches of starry […]

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Supermoon January 20, 2019

Supermoon – January 20, 2019

Sunday night’s lunar event was spectacular.  As the supermoon rose, the temps plummeted and the night sky was practically cloudless but it didn’t stay clear for long.  I managed to catch this shot before the clouds moved in. (For a larger view, check it out among my Newest Releases in my Gallery.)

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Nature's Moments - vol 1 - Book cover and 2 page spread

Deb’s New Book, “NATURE’S MOMENTS – vol 1”, Is Here!

Nature’s Moments – vol 1  (Book) Deb has completed the final stages of production for her new book, “NATURE’S MOMENTS – vol 1”, the companion to her popular multimedia presentation.  This book is now available in Hardcover. Order today and be one of the first to own an autographed copy. Available January 1, 2019. Hardbound […]

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New Book Coming Soon!! Companion Book to “Nature’s Moments – vol 1”

Deb is in the final stages of production of her new book, “Nature’s Moments – vol 1”, the companion to her popular multimedia presentation.  This book will be available in Hardcover. Stay tuned to learn how you can own an autographed copy. Available January 2019. 10″ x 8″ 90 pages Hardbound with Dust Jacket Online […]

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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 with Corona (and star Regulus) - (Tennessee)

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 with Corona (and star Regulus)

Hi all, I’m still reeling from the Total Solar Eclipse experience Monday! I sure hope you were able to witness this spectacular event! Here’s a shot I captured of the corona when the eclipse was at totality. Enjoy!! (By the way, you may not be able to see it in this small image but Regulus, […]

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Images by D. S. Tappan is now on facebook!

Hey everybody, IMAGES BY D. S. TAPPAN is now on facebook. You can find her at . Visit Deb on Facebook! She looks forward to hearing from you.

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Deb’s New Multimedia Presentation is Now Available

Nature’s Moments – vol 1  (HD on BLU-RAY) Deb’s happy to let everyone know that her new show is now available.  Personally created by her in every aspect, this is sure to become a treasured favorite. Witness magnificent scenery and captivating wildlife moments in this brand new multimedia offering. This artful presentation on disc features […]

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Grizzly 399 is alive!! and she’s emerged with a new cub!

For all of us who have had the privilege of witnessing this matriarch with her offspring, you can image our horror upon hearing that a hunter was claiming to have killed this spectacular “mom” earlier in the year (2016). We now know that Grizzly 399 (“Blondie”) lives! She emerged from her den at 10:13am on […]

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What Gear is in Deb’s Pack

I’m often asked what gear I use.  Here’s what currently in my pack: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV dslr body (2) Canon EOS 7D Mark II dslr bodies Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM Canon EF 70-2oomm f/2.8L IS USM Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Canon Extender EF 1.4x […]

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SPECIES UPDATE – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

UPDATED January 8, 2019: As of January 8, 2019, within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (a UNESCO-MAB World Heritage Site), the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory has identified 1000 species new to science and 9523 species new to the park. In total to date, there are 19866 total species in the Great Smoky Mountains National […]

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