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Southeast US

Featuring images from Tennessee, North Carolina including the Great Smoky Mountains NP and more.

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  • NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! New Slideshow On Disc - "Nature's Moments - vol 1"

    Deb’s happy to let everyone know that her show is now available. Personally created by her in every aspect, this is sure to become a treasured favorite. Witness magnificent scenery and captivating wildlife moments in this multimedia offering. This artful presentation on disc features her special photography and is set to gentle, peaceful music. Runtime: 22 minutes 52.42 seconds - High Definition - Widescreen - Available in High Definition on Blu-ray (requires Blu-ray player) - $24.95
  • Bald River Falls with Summer Foliage - (Cherokee NF)

  • Yearling Black Bear with Mom and Sibling - (Great Smoky Mountains NP)
    sp. Ursus americanus
  • Bald River Falls with Winter Meltwater - (Cherokee NF)

  • Solar Prominences Visible during the Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - (Tennessee)

    DID YOU KNOW: A solar prominence is plasma composed of a mixure of charged helium and hydrogen gases. It emits from and is attached to the sun's surface. They may form loops extending tens of thousands of miles into the corona or erupt and eject outward into space.
  • Total Solar Eclipse 2017 with Corona (and star Regulus) - (Tennessee)

  • Elk Herd Tended by the Dominant Bull Elk - (Great Smoky Mountains NP)
    sp. Cervus canadensis
  • The Great Spangled Fritillary Feeding on a Lantana Blossom - (Tennessee)
    sp. Speyeria cybele
    DID YOU KNOW: While adult butterflies feed on flower nectar, they often have a need for a host food plant which provides much needed nutrition for a butterfly's offspring. In the case of the Great Spangled Fritillary, it has a relationship with its larval host food plant, the Violet. In late-summer, the female Great Spangled Fritillary will lay her eggs on or near a Violet plant's leaves. With the onset of spring, the mature larva will emerge and feed at night on Violet leaves and flowers. Come late-summer, it will