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Mini Critters

Here you'll find the smaller fauna, frogs, insects and more cute little critters.

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  • NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! New Slideshow On Disc - "Nature's Moments - vol 1"

    Deb’s happy to let everyone know that her show is now available. Personally created by her in every aspect, this is sure to become a treasured favorite. Witness magnificent scenery and captivating wildlife moments in this multimedia offering. This artful presentation on disc features her special photography and is set to gentle, peaceful music. Runtime: 22 minutes 52.42 seconds - High Definition - Widescreen - Available in High Definition on Blu-ray (requires Blu-ray player) - $24.95
  • The Great Spangled Fritillary Feeding on a Lantana Blossom - (Tennessee)
    sp. Speyeria cybele
    DID YOU KNOW: While adult butterflies feed on flower nectar, they often have a need for a host food plant which provides much needed nutrition for a butterfly's offspring. In the case of the Great Spangled Fritillary, it has a relationship with its larval host food plant, the Violet. In late-summer, the female Great Spangled Fritillary will lay her eggs on or near a Violet plant's leaves. With the onset of spring, the mature larva will emerge and feed at night on Violet leaves and flowers. Come late-summer, it will
  • Bumble Bee on Blossom - (Tennessee)

  • Hosta Blossom with Beetle - (Tennessee)

  • Fuzzy Spider - (Tennessee)

  • Red Eft Emerging from Stream (view 2) - (New Hampshire)
    sp. Notophthalmus viridescens
  • Common Side-blotched Lizard - female (sp. Uta stansburiana) - (Nevada)
    sp. Uta stansburiana
  • Wood Frog on Leaf Litter (view 2) - (New Hampshire)